* Lead Process Development Engineer – Solids Handling *

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Tappan, NY
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Direct Hire
Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy
Aug 16, 2017
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Process Development Engineer – Solids Processing
Location:  Suburban NY close to NYC and North NJ

Here's  an opportunity to make a  big impact with zero “corporate red tape”.  Get in near the ground floor in this established and well-funded startup company. They are working to develop a “Green” source of traditional petrochemicals used to make plastics!  Your success in this position is a key step in the overall company’s success.  In this role, you will be a big-fish in the small pond.  Let’s start a conversation about this!

The company: 
  • Working to develop a novel process that converts sustainable biomass materials into renewable chemicals, they have brought in a very well-respected and technically accomplished team.
  • They are funded in part by companies who are interested in the final product.For example, an investor might be interested in a “green” source of plastic for making beverage bottles or car parts. This lines-up with their intent to commercialize a process rather than “bail out” early. 
  • They are a professionally run organization with specific well-planned goals and objectives, stated company values (such as “honesty & integrity”, “inclusion & diversity”), and world renowned business partners who provide catalyst, additional R&D support, and process design assistance for commercial plant construction. They are NOT a “Mom & Pop” company. (The CEO firmly told me that Honesty & Integrity were absolutely critical.)
I’m happy to tell you who they are once I know something about your background and BEFORE I forward your resume.  This way, you will have time to make an informed decision about whether to formally investigate this opportunity.    ** (see below)

Features and Benefits:
  • As a small-company, there is no corporate ‘red tape’ and the work culture is hands-on, business like but casual!Plus, as a ground-floor opportunity all employees have a vested interest in the success.
  • You’ll make a big impact on the success of the company and it will be rewarding to see the quick progress.
  • Expect a competitive salary plus stock options along with a nice benefits package including paid vacation & holidays, group medical & dental benefits (intended to attract top talent from larger corporations) plus annual employee reviews with raises retroactive to the 1st of the year.
The work:   You’ll be responsible for developing a continuous process to chemically wash a solid feed stock (remove contaminants). Your odds of success are very high in that the feasibility of the process has been shown to be reproducible in a large batch process, and it is now time to create a continuously operating process to meet commercial and economic targets. This will include all of the traditional process development steps from testing to modeling to scale-up.  
  • Conceive of multiple solids feed system options and conduct experiments to build models and compare costs.
  • Lead pilot plant design and operations; assist vendors with its design and develop the test plan for data acquisition; take a leading role in the commissioning the front-end solids handling steps in the pilot plant.
  • Use the pilot plant data and process simulation to create a basic engineering package for commercial scale-up.
  • Moving forward, as a leading technical expert, you will provide project engineering assistance for the first commercial plant design, construction, and operation.
Background Qualifications:   Extensive experience with solids and slurry handling, spray processes, industrial washers, dewatering, drying processes, and conveyor systems (likely from the pulp & paper industry, fresh fruit and vegetable processing with washing steps, or mining to metal processing with washing steps).
  • Expertise in solids handling and industrial washing of solids; slurry pumping, spray processes, dewatering, drying, and conveyor systems.
  • 10 + years industry experience with new process development through pilot plant operations to commercialization, including direct experience with systems to continuously process solids and slurries.
  • Master’s or PhD in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Paper Science, or related with a track record of patented innovations. 
  • A high degree of creativity, problem solving, process modeling, and economic modeling know-how to identify potential process options.
** If you are interested and qualified, let’s have a conversation.  Please send me a draft of your resume to facilitate a good two-sided conversation.   I will ask a few questions about your career and tell you who the hiring company is. More details with regard to the specific washing process, as written by the Chief Technology Officer, will be proved prior to an interview.